New Office Setup & Relocation

New Office Setup & Office Relocation is no longer just relocating the documents, furniture and workstations; it indeed involves more technical tasks of Server Relocation, System Migration, as well as Network Structure Rebuilding and Server Room Setup; servers and I.T. infrastructure had been the backbone supporting business operations, the data on the servers, which containing important and invaluable data, is particularly crucial for corporate.

To achieve smooth and seamless New Office Setup and Relocation, as well as reducing the risk and impact may be caused during the process, bunch of preparatory tasks are necessary to be done ahead. The comprehensive workflow of GSNT New Office Setup & Office Relocation, the concept of Single-Point of Management (SPoM) come from the aggregation of our solid experiences in I.T. and Project Management, enable the corporate to relocate or setup new office without worrying the details behind.

  • Old Site Analysis, if applicable
  • New Site Analysis
  • Schedule Coordinating & Single Point of Management (SPoM)
  • Relocation Schedule with Relocation Agent

– Equipment/Furniture Arrival Schedule with Relocation Agent and/or Furniture Vendor
– Broadband Relocation/Installation with Internet Service Provider
– Telecom Service Relocation/Installation with Telecom Service Provider

  • Network Architecture & Deployment (more details…)

– Layout Deployment & Cabling of Data Outlet, Voice/Fax Outlet
– CAT5e/CAT6/Optical Fiber Cabling
– Data/Voice Structure Cabling
– Server Rack Installation
– Server Rack Structuring & Cable Patching
– Network Deployment between Servers and Workstations

  • Wireless Network Deployment (more details…)
  • Network Security Deployment (more details…)
  • Network Printer/Multi-Function Copier Deployment
  • Local Area Network Performance Evaluation
  • Server Setup, Data/Domain Migration & Deployment

– File Server
– Database and/or Application Server

  • Contingency & Disaster Recovery Strategy Deployment

– System & Data Backup Strategy
– Emergency Power Supply Coverage, Uninterrupted Power Supply, UPS
– User Machine Setup & Software Installation

  • Telecom System, Voice Mail System & Auto-Answering System Relocation (more details…)

– Pre-Relocation:

Extension Phone Set Packing with properly labeling

Shutdown PBX/PABX System properly

– Post-Relocation:

Startup PBX/PABX System properly

PBX/PABX System Reprogramming

Connectivity Testing between Extension Phone Set & PBX/PABX System

  • Conferencing System Deployment (more details…)

– Projector
– LCD Monitor/TV
– High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) enabled Equipment
– Video Conferencing System
– Audio Conferencing System

  • Surveillance & Physical Security System Deployment (more details…