Web / Email Hosting Service & Relevant
Linux Platform is well-known for its stability, reliability and security, been used by GSNT Web/Email Hosting Servers deliver steady and trustworthy Email and Web services to corporate.All Email and Web servers are hosted at World-Class Data Centre running by Hong Kong Tier-One ISP vendor, Wharf T&T and New World Telecom; enables our servers to operate in highly secured and controlled environment.

Web Hosting
GSNT Web Hosting Platform supports the mainstream Web Technologies as below,

– Protocol: HTTP / HTTPS (SSL)
– Content / Scripting: HTML / CSS / JavaSript / AJAX / PHP / Adobe Flash
– Database: MySQL

Email Hosting
Email is the one of the most important communication channels facilitating the prosperous of economy;
Email Addresses with Corporate Domain Name even put a step further to be the extension of Corporate Brand Building.
GSNT Email Platform delivers comprehensive Email Service to corporates; besides of the General Email Service, it also keeps the pace with the trend of Internet Security and Smart Phone/Tablet.

SPAM Protection
Processing SPAM wasted considerable time of working hours. GSNT Mail Server deployed the intelligence SPAM Filtering feature sync with DNSBL (DNS-based Blackhole List) and RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) providing the latest blacklisting of SPAM to greatly reduce SPAM flooding.

Anti-Virus Protection
Virus, Trojan, Worm been the well-known Security Threat could be spread easily through Email. Anti-Virus of GSNT Email Server conduct quick scanning on both incoming and outgoing mails, to eliminate the infected emails getting into users’ mailbox.

Centralized Account Management
GSNT Email Server provides Easy-to-Use Web Interface for Admin User to manage the Email Accounts of their Domains; Create/Delete Mailbox, Mailbox Capacity Utilization & Email Alias Assignment, etc

Web Accessibility
Through Webmail interface of GSNT Email System, user may access their mailbox using browser through Internet connection anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Accessibility
Smartphone help connecting our life and the world; GSNT Email System enables users to access their mailbox on the smartphone, the users will not miss email messages while they do not have desktop or laptop on hand.

Domain Name Registration / Renewal
Brand Name is the most invaluable assets of the corporate; regardless the industry the corporate belongs to. Domain Name, the easy-to-memorize phases presenting the official website, is same important as the Brand Name, used to introducing the Brand Name into web platform.
GSNT help corporate to select/ register preferred/appropriate Domain Name for impressing the potential customers worldwide, enables corporate to explore the opportunities through web platform.
Common extensions of Domain Name: .com | .org | .hk | .com.hk