Technical Consultant & Project Management

To grab the fleeting opportunities in the marketplace, corporate trend to consider adopting appropriate technology within reasonable budget to strengthen its competitiveness. GSNT Technical Consultant & Project Management Service is existed to fulfill these demands.

Besides solid background and experiences in technical field, Technical Consultant & Project Management demands the experiences and knowledge in cross-industries, especially the experiences in coordinating with parties of different background and sourcing the appropriate products to fulfill the requirements within the budget of corporate.

GSNT Technical Team is experienced to work with parties of different industry background, e.g. well-known system/software/hardware vendor, IT Department of Corporate Headquarter, etc. while our shareholders from the key segments of I.T. industry chain, enables us to source the suitable product from the higher level of perspective.

The workflow of Project Management is shown as below, which is a set of iterative procedure,

  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Project Planning
  • Resource Allocating/Sourcing
  • Project Implementation
  • Progress Tracking
  • Maintain Quality