Firewall Deployment

Firewall is the first-line safety guard and barrier, for protecting company network against various security threats and malicious attacks from the Internet. Firewall analyzes both incoming and outgoing packets of connection, protocol, port or application between internal network and Internet, then filter the suspicious packets, to maximize eliminating the network security threats

GSNT help corporate managing the advanced feature of firewall, through implementing custom security policies on the firewall, in order to fulfill the network security requirements of corporate, for instance setup the time slot of allowing or denying the connection of Instant Messaging software, etc.

Two typical implementation of firewall illustrated as below,

  • Single Firewall Implementation

  • Dual Firewall Implementation

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

GSNT is ready to contribute their expertise in VPN setup to corporate by purposing and implementing appropriate technology and equipment to fulfill the security requirement of corporate. Two typical VPN deployments and their applications as below,

  • Site-to-Site VPN
    Secured & Seamless connection between 2x Sites
    E.g. Corporation with offices, retails, warehouses, etc. at multiple locations
  • Client-to-Site VPN
    Secured & Seamless connection between Individual & Remote Site
    E.g. Mobile users of Corporate require frequent access the network resources of office