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Terms and Conditions:
Payment Method :
We only accept payment by Cash / Cheque / Deposit, Cheque should be made payable to "Grand Strategic Network Technology Limited"or deposit to HSBC A/C: 078-465754-838.
Product Ordering :
I. To enjoy the product ordering service, customers are required to pay a deposit up to 35% of the product price. If customers request to order products not carried by us directly from the authorized dealer, customers have to pay the full price at the time of the order. The amount paid will not be refunded in any event. Please enquire with our sales representatives for further details.
II. Our ordering cut off time at HKT16:00 Monday to Friday, except Saturday, Sunday & public holidays.
III. When a deposit is made for ordering a product, the product price is confirmed and fixed. The product price would not be varied by reason of the conditions of the market, special promotion or any other reasons.
IV. Customers must arrange for delivery and installation of the ordered product within 30 days from the date of placing the order. If the product is not delivered or installed within 30 days, the deposit paid would be forfeited and could not be used for exchange for other products.
V. Product ordering, exchange, delivery or installation service is only applicable to specific products.
VI. If the ordered product is out of stock on the date fixed for delivery, customers may use the deposit to purchase another product, or request for a refund of the deposit.
VII. Under normal circumstances, customers are not allowed to exchange for another product or have the deposit refunded.
VIII. After delivery if the size of the product does not meet with the customer¡¦s requirement, the customer may request for a change in the product model or product brand, but a handling fee of 35% of the purchase price would be charged. No refund would be made. GSNT reserves the right not to change the product for the customer.
IX. Packing, accessories, user guide and blank warranty card should be returned together with the product in good condition for exchange or refund.
X. The product to be returned should not be damaged, stretched, defaced or contain any trace of water damage.
XI. No exchange would be made for product which has been registered on-line for warranty service or has undergone any repair.
XII. All gift items must be returned together with the returned product, otherwise the retail value of the gift item would be charged or deducted from the refund.
XIII. All the time of product exchange, customer must present the original receipt and/or invoice to GSNT for cancellation.
XIV. In case of any disputes, GSNT reserves the right to make the final decision.
Delivery Service :
A. You may enjoy free delivery service per location once when you purchase for an amount of HK$5000 or above.
B. When you purchase for an amount of less than HK$5000, you are entitled to delivery service at a charge of HK$200 per location.
C. The full amount of product price or any outstanding amount of product price or any outstanding amount of product price shall be fully settled at the time of delivery. Otherwise, GSNT shall have the right to decline delivery.
D. Delivery service is only available on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories of HKSAR.
E. Delivery service is not available at Frontier Closed Areas, Islands, warehouse and, premises which are not accessible by staircase and need to deliver through balcony, premises which are above the 9th Floor and no elevator service is available.
F. If no elevator service is available for premises, GSNT will additionally charge you a delivery fee. Ground floor delivery is free of charge. Delivery will be made up to 9 storeys only. In respect of big size products and other charges, please refer to the Additional delivery charges" for more details. Delivery fee shall be paid to the delivery staff directly.
G. Delivery is available on Monday to Friday, except Saturday, Sunday & public holidays.
H. If delivery is delayed, postponed or cancelled due to traffic, weather, different district or other factors, GSNT shall not be liable for any loss or damage, no matter whether the factor which causes the delay, postponement or cancellation is within the control of GSNT or not.
I. You shall give not less than 48 hours notice (Sunday and public holiday excluded) to our sales representatives in respect of any request for change in delivery time, delivery of additional purchase, or change of purchased item.
J. If installation is required for any item, such installation fee is not included in the delivery fee.
K. In case of any dispute, GSNT's determination shall be final.
Installation :
A. Unless otherwise specified, the price does not include installation service.
B. In case of any disputes, GSNT reserves the right to make the final decision.
Warranty :
A. Vendor Standard Warranty. Warranty will be started from date of product delivery.
B. In case of any dispute, GSNT's determination shall be final.